A Guide to  Gold Standard in Jewelry

A Guide to Gold Standard in Jewelry

18K gold is always mentioned in the jewelry standard. But, do you know why our store keeps using 18K Gold or 14K Gold for the jewelry product? Let's read more about the Gold.

K Gold

K Gold is an alloy of gold and other metals. It is classified based on the gold content, including

  • 10k (41%)
  • 14k (58.5%)
  • 18k (74.9%)
  •  24k (99.9%)

Feature: The higher the gold content, the more yellow it appears and the more expensive it becomes. Additionally, higher gold content results in a softer texture and less variation in appearance. Therefore, 14k and 18k are highly popular in the market.

Freshwater Pearl Modern Women's Necklace

18k Gold

18k Gold is an alloy with a minimum gold content of 75%. The remaining 25% consists of other precious metals. It does not cause discoloration or allergies. However, due to its high gold content, it has fewer accessories and is priced higher per gram.

Flower Baroque Pearl Necklace
925 Silver with Gold Plating


As the name suggests, the inner layer is made of 925 sterling silver, with a thick layer of gold plating on the outside. There are various designs available in the market for silver jewelry with gold plating, making it a popular choice. The texture is also better than regular gold plating.

Ruffle Wide Ring 18K Gold

NECOVY jewelry is of high-end quality, with a base made of 925 sterling silver and a vacuum-plated 18k gold layer on the outside. This ensures a high color retention, even if worn during showers or other activities. For women with sensitive skin, 925 silver with gold plating is the best choice. Although it may be slightly pricier, the accessories have a much better texture than regular gold plating. This is why high-quality pearls are often paired with 925 silver with gold plating in our collection.
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